Earn the biggest rewards when you play Bhaggo crash games

Do you want to maximise your crash game payouts? Bhaggo is the best place to reach your jackpot goals! Through our platform, you can play the top crash gambling casino games for the chance to claim the most rewarding payouts.

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Elevate your gambling with Bhaggo, where you can find plenty of crash crypto game options.
Find your choice of crash game from our collection and discover the best way to win when playing here at Bhaggo.
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What is crash casino game?

Bhaggo Crash is one of the best games you can play at an online casino because of its simplicity. Crypto trading charts influence the game and show increasing multipliers. Your goal is to cash out on the indicated multiplier before the ‘market’ crashes. 

Once you’ve wagered, you battle against time to cash out on the highest possible multiplier before the crash. Deciding when to cash out is the hardest part of the crash casino game, but you can earn high-value rewards when you have a good strategy in place.

How to play Crash casino game at Bhaggo.app


You have plenty of options at Bhaggo to play an online crash game. Head to the crash section and scroll down to find our collection of crash games. With crash betting, you can maximise your funds and become a winner with the strategic bets you make on the platform.

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The game is easy to understand.
Simply follow this guide to start your crash game journey at Bhaggo:
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Crash gameplay

Crash games are where you aim to cash out with the most rewards possible. The graph begins its upward trajectory at the start of every game, indicating the increasing multipliers before the value ultimately crashes. If you pulled your bet at the right time, you could get plentiful rewards according to the multiplier you stopped at.

Here are the steps for your crash gameplay: 

  1. Open the game and set the wager you want to place.
  2. Watch the multiplier rise as the graph moves upward.
  3. Cash out your bet when it reaches the multiplier value you want.

Enjoy the rewards you won. You can withdraw your funds or play crash casino game again.


Crash games you can play at Bhaggo

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Explore Bhaggo to find plenty of crash games available on our platform.
It is a top-notch site to play Crash.
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Take a peek into the impressive crash game catalogue you’ll find at Bhaggo: 

CricketX by SmartSoft Gaming


Bhaggo is one of the most prominent platforms in Bangladesh, and Cricket is one of the most popular sports in South Asia. It should not be surprising that cricket is involved in some of the most popular casino games, with CricketX being a top choice for crash players.

Smartsoft Gaming outdid itself in designing CricketX to offer a cohesive design that merges crash gameplay with a cricket theme. The game lives up to the crash category as a perfect genre representation for its simplicity. 

The game has an RTP of 97%, which represents the amount you can expect to win back when you play. Maximise every bet you place to win multipliers as high as 25,000x your stake.


Aviator by Spribe


Aviator is arguably the biggest game in the crash genre. It’s the go-to crash game for many punters as it offers easy and enjoyable gameplay. This game begins with a plane going to the top right, continuing its upward trajectory until the crash. Cashing out before it crashes is your goal. 

Betting on Aviator is simple whether you manually wager or use the auto-bet function below the gameplay screen. With an RTP of 97%, you should expect some good gameplay here because you are earning good payouts from the game.

The game’s aesthetic is simple yet alluring, as you only have a graph with a red plane going up the curve. However, what sets it apart from other games is the high rewards you can earn when playing. Time your cashouts well and reap the impressive rewards of Aviator by Spribe here at Bhaggo.

Advantages of casino crash gambling game at Bhaggo

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As the premiere casino platform in Bangladesh, there are many benefits to playing at Bhaggo.
Get a glimpse into these strengths when you play Crash at Bhaggo.
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A diverse game catalogue

The games you can play at Bhaggo are not exclusive to Crash games. You’ll see some of the best game catalogues. By browsing Bhaggo, you can access live dealers, slots, table games and more.

You can enjoy a diverse casino gaming experience while you’re at Bhaggo. Its impressive collection of casino games is one of the many reasons why it remains the top betting platform in Bangladesh. As a crash player, you’ll also enjoy the wide selection of crash games available on the platform.

Games from various game providers

Here at Bhaggo, we prioritise our players’ enjoyment of the games they play. That’s why we’ve partnered with the top casino providers to deliver rewarding games on the platform. This includes well-known providers such as PG Soft, Relax Gaming, Play’n GO, NetEnt, NoLimit City, and so many more.

Play anywhere you want

With the Bhaggo app, you can play your favourite crash games anywhere you want. This bodes well for gamblers who are on the go often, as they can just bring their phones with them with the Bhaggo app installed and play on the go.

Take advantage of the Bhaggo app and access our cache of crash casino games anytime and anywhere. Remember that Crash is one of the most mobile-friendly games in the gambling space, so try it out and enjoy the ride.


Secure payment methods

Bhaggo ensures that your information and payment details are protected during payments. We follow the industry standard of having Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption and third-party verification on the platform. You can also expect a verified account system at Bhaggo, guaranteeing the account's authenticity. 

We also use anti-fraud measures to deal with malicious activity and behaviour. This ensures that your account is inaccessible to malicious third parties. Bhaggo also regularly monitors the platform’s security, so expect a good experience every time you play on our platform.

Bhaggo’s live support is good

You can talk to the support service by selecting the orange message icon present in the lower-right corner. The chatbot is ready to help you with the answers you need through automated suggestions.

However, you can also be redirected to a customer service representative when the problem can’t be solved by the chatbot or the frequently asked questions. This guarantees you can resolve any issues that may arise without hassle.

Bhaggo has plenty of bonuses

Whenever you play at Bhaggo, you should expect a rewarding experience due to the presence of bonuses. These are the incentives you get for playing on the platform, and you should keep using them to the fullest before they expire. Here are some of the best bonuses you can get at Bhaggo, try them out for yourself:

VIP Program

You get assigned a VIP level based on your lifetime deposits and wins on Bhaggo. You can get upgraded to a higher tier by meeting the wagering requirements, so wager consistently to improve your position on the platform. 

As a member of Bhaggo’s VIP Program, you can enjoy plenty of rewards such as cash prizes, loyalty awards, and perks based on the level you’re at. 

Place big wagers on your choice of Crash games or others at Bhaggo to improve your membership. Become a VIP member and reap the benefits of playing at the top casino platform in Bangladesh. There are plenty of rewards waiting for you on the platform, so keep playing with big wagers and enjoy the gameplay experience!

Affiliate Program

You can get a 35% commission when you encourage other people to sign up and play at Bhaggo! Keep recommending the platform to your friends and show them why it’s one of the best gambling platforms in the world. In return, you can earn impressive commissions that can keep you playing crash games on the platform.

Welcome bonus

Get the most out of your first few sessions of playing at Bhaggo with the welcome bonus. You get a 100% bonus worth ৳20,000 when you register on the platform. This bonus is only available to new punters who are making their first deposit. Additionally, it’s only applicable to games such as live dealers, slots, and crash games.

Take advantage of this bonus when you sign up for the platform. The bonus funds you receive can extend your crash gameplay and offer you more chances of landing big wins.


Crash gambling game strategy

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By playing Crash, you have a chance to win plenty of rewards by maximising your chances to win.
To do that, you can use strategies that elevate your gameplay to the highest level possible.
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Here are strategies that you can use to claim big wins in crash games:


Become a high-stakes gambler with the Martingale, which involves doubling your wager. Alternatively, you will revert to your original wager amount once you achieve a win. This betting system allows you to recoup previous losses and earn steady payouts.

However, you must be wary of the risk you’re taking when playing with this strategy. Since you need to increase your wager for every loss, you must have a hefty bankroll to play using this strategy. To counteract this, make sure you start with a modest wager so the increasing wagers don’t become too costly.

An example of this is starting your wager with ৳1. If a win occurs, then you’ll keep betting the same amount. However, after a loss, you double your wager to ৳2, then ৳4 after another loss. Keep doubling it until you land a win, in which case you’ll recover the losses incurred previously.


Similar to the Martingale strategy, Paroli involves doubling down on a bet. However, this is focused on doubling down on every win until you get three straight victories. Play with this strategy when you’re looking for a thrilling betting system to support your Crash game wagers. 

Follow this example to use the Paroli system: You begin with a ৳1 wager on your choice of crash game. When you land a win, you’ll double your wager amount to ৳2, then ৳3, then ৳4. However, you should stop at the third victory and then return to the initial wager. 

This betting system ensures you can reap big cashouts on consecutive wins without incurring massive losses on a bad round. This is the perfect strategy for risk-taking punters who want to experience thrilling gameplay. 


This strategy follows a structure based on the Fibonacci sequence rather than just doubling down. It is named so since it follows the numerical sequence inspired by the great mathematician Fibonacci. 

That sequence is 0, 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34, 55 and so on. 

The bet you will be placing will be according to the order of numbers on the sequence. You must follow the sequence provided to help you get the maximum payout you want. 

To use this betting system, start at your preferred bet amount according to the system. For example, you can start with a ৳2 wager. Each time you lose, you’ll wager the next amount on the sequence. In this case, that’s ৳3, then ৳5, then ৳8. If you land a win on the ৳8 wager, then you’ll move back two numbers on the sequence, which is ৳3.


How to join Bhaggo: Play crash casino game at Bhaggo.app

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To play your favourite Crash games at Bhaggo, you must follow the registration process to become an official player on the platform.
That is why you must follow the process below and enjoy your time playing the game.
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Create an account

  1. Click the hamburger icon on the top left to open the sidebar. This is where you can click the ‘Deposit’ button.
  2. Select your preferred payment method and input your deposit amount to start playing.
  3. Finish the process by clicking ‘Deposit’. 

Play your Crash games 

  1. Navigate towards the Crash section.
  2. Look for the crash games you want to play.
  3. Wager as much as you want to earn massive multiplier rewards.


  1. Open the sidebar again, but this time, you press the ‘Withdrawal’ button
  2.  Input the amount you want to withdraw and confirm the withdrawal.
  3. Enjoy the rewards you have won from the Crash game sessions.

Maximise your wagers with the Crash casino game

Bhaggo has cemented itself as one of the best gambling platforms out there, especially among Crash game players. When you’re at Bhaggo, you can access various crash games and take home big wins, even as a new punter. 

Get the most exciting online casino experience with us when you sign up. Take advantage of our impressive bonuses and promotions to earn additional betting funds. Apart from the Crash games, you can also enjoy some of the best games on the platform. These games come from the top casino game providers in the world, ensuring seamless gameplay and impressive design.

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Enjoy the massive payouts you can win when playing Crash.
Sign up at Bhaggo today and reap impressive rewards throughout your gameplay.
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Frequently asked questions

You must be at least 18 years old to play at Bhaggo.
The withdrawal limit is ৳30,000 per day.
No, there are plenty of other games you can play at Bhaggo. Check out our impressive collection of casino games, such as slots, live dealers, and crypto games.
Yes! You don’t have to worry about your account getting compromised whenever you play at Bhaggo. There is a robust system that maximises the security of your gameplay, so do your best to keep playing your Crash games here.