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Capitalise on your cricket knowledge and enhance your betting skills at Bhaggo. This is the right place to help you reach some of your goals of winning the best rewards possible when you make the right predictions! 

With Bhaggo, you can participate in online cricket betting, which involves predicting some of the biggest game results, such as Match, Live, Outright, and more. Learn more about sports betting and make the most of the betting markets here at Bhaggo!


What is cricket sport?

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Cricket is a great sport to watch and even bet on, so it’s a good decision to learn more about it.
Understanding the sport is an important part of the cricket betting experience, and you should keep capitalising on your growing knowledge of cricket.
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Cricket is a bat-and-ball game that involves two teams of eleven players on the field. The objective is to score as many runs as possible while preventing opponents from scoring when it’s their time to bat. 

The sport is also split into different formats: Test, One Day International (ODI), and Twenty20. This is one of the most exciting parts of cricket, as you have plenty of opportunities when you place cricket betting predictions, here are the formats: 

  • Test - This format lasts multiple days and is typically played between national teams. It is also called the highest level of cricket, so you can enjoy the sport with this format.
  • ODI৷ - ODI is a form of limited-overs cricket played between international teams. It lasts a maximum of 50 overs and can last up to seven hours, so you can get the most out of the cricket experience by playing it all in one day. 
  • T20 - It is a short cricket match limited to up to 20 gameplay overs, lasting only 80 minutes. There is only a half-an-hour interval in between innings, allowing you to get the most fast-paced cricket gameplay with this.

Cricket is already one of the most popular sports in the world, but it is even bigger when you go to South Asia. With Bhaggo being one of the top sites for cricket betting in Bangladesh, our platform is the right place to keep accessing.


The types of cricket betting you’ll find at Bhaggo

You have memorable betting experiences with Bhaggo, especially with the cricket betting types available on this platform.
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By placing bets here at Bhaggo, you can elevate your predictions by looking at the types of cricket bets you can make on the platform and cricket betting rules:

Match betting

This is the most standard prediction you can make on the cricket betting site. Bhaggo features some of the biggest matches across different promotions. Just click on the matches and leagues you want to bet on, and you’ll see the market for predicting the match outcome.

It is the most straightforward bet you can make, so do your best to keep making the right prediction since this is the simplest bet on the Bhaggo cricket betting platform.

Outright betting

The outright bets involve picking a specific team to win a tournament or league before the day starts. Apart from that, there are other outright bets, like a top batsman and bowler bets, depending on the rewards you can get for this wager. 

The bets you can place here are arguably the most valuable, given you are making such a brave bet. There is a strong chance you’re getting this kind of wager, as you’re predicting without the context of the matches yet.

Live betting

Bhaggo has one of the best live betting spaces in the world, especially for the cricket wagers you can place. Capitalise on the context of the ongoing matches, as this offers a more thrilling experience since you’re witnessing the match in real-time. 

If you would like to boost your chances of winning while witnessing the action unfolding, live cricket betting is your option.

Tops Batsman/Bowler 

This is where you predict some of the best performers in a single game. Players like Rohit Sharma and Babar Azam are the top choices, but you can also bet on the underdogs to get the top batsman nod. 

Opting for lesser-known names is ideal since the odds are against them, which can lead to some of the biggest rewards you can get without betting too much on them.


Pick the cricket tournament you want to bet on at Bhaggo

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Be ready to bet on some of the biggest cricket tournaments here at Bhaggo. Look at the calendar and seek out the tournaments to bet on.

Cricket is a worldwide sport, which means there are plenty of tournaments that span across the globe. Here are some of the best cricket tournaments available at Bhaggo:

1. ICC Cricket World Cup

This is the pinnacle of ODI cricket, as it involves the top teams competing to determine the best cricketing country in the world. Like the FIFA World Cup, the ICC Cricket World Cup only happens every four years, so it’s a blockbuster 14-team event every time it happens.

It also makes for a fantastic betting experience, given the World Cup lasts multiple weeks. You’ll always have a match to bet on, ranging from the pre-match wagers to live betting, where you can enjoy the games even more. 

With the matches lasting for a day, you will have few choices for this bet. However, betting on various matches allows you to win a big reward whenever you predict this result.

2. Indian Premier League

Most sports have a flagship domestic league, like the Premier League in English football or the National Basketball Association for basketball in North America. Cricket has its version of the Indian Premier League (IPL). 

This tournament was launched in 2008 and became the biggest local sporting event in the country. The league uses a T20 format, so you can make the most out of the competitive matches you’re placing bets on.

Additionally, you have some of the most prolific teams here, like the Mumbai Indians. Betting on the matches allows you to see the quality of Indian players and some of the best foreign players going to India to experience playing at the highest level of domestic cricket.

3. ICC T20 World Cup

The ODI World Cup is not the only worldwide competition where the best cricketing countries compete for the top nod. There’s also the ICC T20 World Cup, which is the highest level of the T20 format of the sport. 

The shorter game length is fun, given that the ODI can take a large chunk of your time, but the T20 format will only last a few hours. This makes it one of the most appealing parts of the T20 World Cup, as it allows you to keep watching and betting on a fast-paced game.


4. Ashes Series

This is the landmark series between two cricket titans, England and Australia. The Ashes is played in the Test format, where the two countries play against each other every two years in venues across countries like the Gabba in Brisbane or Old Trafford in England. 

With that kind of venue, you can expect the English and Aussies to hold this match in high regard. There is so much intrinsic value in this series, which dates back to the early 1880s, when a satirical obituary was released for English cricket’s death, and the ashes were taken to Australia. 

The England team captain at the time was Ivo Bligh, who vowed that the Ashes would return to England. That began this amazing series and rivalry, which became one of the most exciting tournaments and an event to bet on in the cricket world. 

5. ICC Champions Trophy

This event is considered prestigious due to the quality of the teams playing here. It’s a short tournament held over two weeks in the ODI format, similar to the Cricket World Cup.

The Champions Trophy has eight teams playing against each other across two groups. The tournament starts with a round-robin format, which is followed by a bracket stage that functions like any traditional tournament.

This tournament is held for men's and women's teams to help raise funds for cricket’s development in countries that do not have a huge player base. While the event's last edition was back in 2017, it’s back on for 2025, and it will be one of the best events of the 2020s. Expect it to be present every two years, so keep your eyes peeled and enjoy your time watching high-level cricket.


Learn the best ways to win cricket betting predictions at Bhaggo

Be more strategic with your predictions here at Bhaggo, where you can get some of the best rewards possible with the bets you can place.
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Get the most payouts possible by levelling up your predictions with legitimate strategies and tips. Here are the best ways to win cricket betting predictions at Bhaggo: 

Familiarise yourself with the best players

There are tons of awesome teams in cricket, but they get even better when star players spearhead them. Knowing the standouts of the teams can level up your wagers. Knowing which players will produce the best performances can help you win your predictions.

Go against the grain from time to time

Betting on favourites is a safe practice as it can help you win reliable rewards. At the same time, it’s good to go against the grain sometimes, as that will result in bigger rewards. 

This means you’ll sometimes bet on the underdog, which can help take you to the next level. Keep a close eye on the matches you’re betting on, as the odds can sometimes mislead you. To help you with this, research the matchups, see the head-to-head games, and then base your predictions from there!

Use bonuses and promotions when needed

Elevate your cricket bets to the highest level possible with the best bonuses and promotions on the platform. Applying the bonuses you can get at Bhaggo increases your payouts as they offer astounding rewards.

Analyse the matches being played

When you’re betting on certain matches, you should know what is happening ahead of the match between the players and their team dynamic. 

Doing this helps you improve your predictions since you’re well-informed already. Keep a close eye on what is happening with the previous matches, and track the data, as that will lead to better payouts in the long run. 

It will also help when you’re watching the matches as you get a closer look at how certain teams and cricketers play. You can learn how they adjust to certain situations and who stands out for the teams.


How to play cricket at Bhaggo.app

Get started with placing your cricket bets at Bhaggo today! Here is the step-by-step guide you should follow to start placing wagers:

1. Register for an account on Bhaggo

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Register for an account at Bhaggo to access the diverse Bangladesh cricket betting. Go to the registration page and provide the required information, including your username, password, preferred currency, and mobile number. 

2. Deposit at Bhaggo

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After finishing the registration, deposit funds into your account. Click the deposit button to be redirected to the transaction page. Choose your preferred payment method, which includes DBBL Rocket, BKash and Upay. You can even use the reliable BhaggoPay or FastPay to make quicker transactions. 

Additionally, if you make a minimum deposit of ৳500, you can fill in the ‘deposit bonus’ section to claim your bonus rewards. 


3. Start betting on cricket matches

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After you’ve funded your account, it’s time for you to place bets. Click the cricket button on the homepage to be directed to the ongoing and scheduled matches. Pick a game, and see the outcomes you can play and predict. 

Pick the outcomes you feel will occur and lock in your bets. All you have to do after that is wait for the result, and you’ll be good to go!

4. Withdraw your winnings

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Once you’re done with your bets and ready to reap what you earned, go to the withdrawal page. Click the button beside the deposit on the homepage, and you will be taken to a separate page where you can input the withdrawal amount and choose your preferred payment method. You just have to verify your phone number to be allowed to withdraw.


Time to lock in your predictions for cricket matches at Bhaggo

With every swing of the bat you watch in cricket, you can place bets here at Bhaggo! Our cricket casino has plenty to offer, as the cricket sportsbook here provides opportunities to shine with the bets you can place. 

Apart from cricket betting, you’ll also have the most amazing experience with our bonuses and promotions. These will enhance your betting experience and give you a chance to win fantastic rewards. 

Frequently asked questions

Live cricket betting involves predicting outcomes while the matches are ongoing. It is one of the best experiences you can have with cricket betting, as you can predict the ongoing matches to help you level up your viewing experience and increase your chances of winning with the markets.
Yes, it is safe to bet on Bhaggo, as our platform is secure enough. However, it’s important to look into the licences, especially since the platform is licensed in Bangladesh.
Yes, we have emerged as the best cricket betting platform for you. There are plenty of available matches here, and you have the best markets on those matches you can see at Bhaggo.
A cricket match is affected by multiple factors apart from the cricket being played on the pitch. You must also consider player injuries, weather forecasts, pitch conditions, head-to-head matchups, and how coaches set up strategies to maximise their teams.
Be prepared when you approach cricket betting, as you can confirm some predictions before the match even starts.