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Bring the thrilling world of casino table gaming directly to your mobile screen with the Bhaggo app. Our Bhaggo casino app ensures that table games are offered as they stand as timeless pillars of excitement and strategy. From the refined allure of blackjack to the heart-pounding tension of roulette, these virtual versions of classic favourites bring the thrill of brick-and-mortar casinos directly to your fingertips.

With a vast game selection and the potential for thrilling live dealer experiences, we have the perfect casino gambling game waiting for you to discover. Whether you're a seasoned gambler or a curious newcomer, the world of table games in our Bhaggo casino mobile app offers a dynamic and immersive gaming experience.

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Get ready to step into the world of online table games with us.
Learn the exciting realm of table games on our Bhaggo mobile app below.
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Types of online casino games offered on Bhaggo Casino

Find various casino table games at Bhaggo and enjoy the allure that surpasses the limits of brick-and-mortar casinos with our mobile app. What you can find here are unique and exciting alternatives to slots, providing a blend of skill, strategy, and luck that will satisfy your gaming needs. 

We offer the classics, such as blackjack, baccarat, roulette and poker, which cater to different preferences. You can also find Asian table games, like Sic Bo, Teen Patti, Andar Bahar and more, offering a way to play traditional casino games. Moreover, if you want to feel as if you’re in a real casino, you can connect and interact with players and dealers with our live dealer table games. 

Know more about what we offer on our Bhaggo casino gambling app when you continue reading below.

Classic table games


Available classic table games

  • Baccarat
  • Roulette
  • Blackjack
  • Poker.

Classic table games have stood the test of time and remain popular worldwide for players. It got its name as the games use tabletops for their gameplay, instead of a machine like in slots. 

Besides luck, these games require skill and strategies to win, so they attract generations of players with their engaging gameplay and potential for wins.

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Each game offers different levels of complexity and betting options, catering to players’ preferences, budgets, playing styles and risk tolerances.
Get to know more about these games below:
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Baccarat is a popular table game with simple gameplay and rules, so it requires minimal strategy but offers fast-paced action. 

In this game, you aim to predict which hand between the Player and Banker will have the exact value or closest to 9. The game also has a betting option of ‘Tie’ if you think both the main options will have the same value.

Once you place your bet, the game deals two cards to the two options. Then, they add the value of cards and the hand with a value closest to nine wins. 

Bhaggo offers various baccarat games you can enjoy. You can even find games with demo versions to learn how the game works. 


Test your luck with the iconic wheel-based game Roulette here at Bhaggo Casino. It is a classic and iconic casino game online known for its thrilling gameplay and distinctive spinning wheel. 

This is a game of chance where you place bets on the outcome of a ball spinning around a numbered wheel. When it lands on your number bet, you win the pot. The wheel typically contains numbered pockets ranging from 0 to 36 (in European or French roulette) or 00 to 36 (in American roulette). 

Besides the numbered bets, it has side bets that can help you win huge prizes. These include bets on red or black, odd or even, high or low numbers, dozens (1-12, 13-24, 25-36) and columns.



Win against the dealer in Bhaggo’s blackjack games. Blackjack, also known as 21, is one of the most popular and widely played casino card games worldwide. The game’s simple rules and strategic depth have contributed to its enduring popularity in brick-and-mortar and online casinos.

It combines skill, strategy and chance, appealing to casual players and seasoned gamblers. Your goal is to beat the dealer’s hand with a hand value of 21. You lose automatically when your hand value exceeds 21. 

In blackjack, you compete against the dealer rather than other players. Mastering the basic strategy can significantly improve your odds and help you make informed decisions, as it shows the optimal move (hit, stand, double down, split) for any combination of your cards and the dealer's up card. 


Form the best hand to win in poker games. Poker is a widely popular card game with diverse variations, including Texas Hold'em, Omaha, and Caribbean Stud, each with unique rules and strategies. Its various variants cater to players of all skill levels, from casual enthusiasts to professional players.

Its most popular version is Texas Hold’em, where you aim to build the best possible hand using the hole cards (dealt face-down) and community cards (dealt face-up and shared among all players). The game proceeds with a series of betting rounds. You have the option to call (match the current bet), raise (increase the bet) or fold (discard your hand and forfeit any bets made).

With our selection of poker games, you’ll experience the thrill of various poker game versions. Find the variant that suits your playing style and skill at Bhaggo.

Live casino games


Available live table games

  • Live Roulette 
  • Live Baccarat 
  • Live Dice
  • Live Poker
  • Live Blackjack
  • Live Teen Patti
  • Live Andar Bahar
  • Live Sic Bo
  • Live Dragon Tiger.

Enjoy classic casino games from your home with our live dealer table games. The live dealer versions of the classics allow you to experience the immersive atmosphere of a brick-and-mortar casino anytime, anywhere.

These games aim to replicate the authentic casino experience by live-streaming in a studio using advanced technology. Because of this, you can interact with a real dealer and other players while playing.

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Live table games typically feature popular casino classics such as blackjack, roulette, baccarat, and poker variants.
These games still follow the same mechanics, rules, and gameplay as their classic versions.
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Get to know some of Bhaggo’s live casino game offerings below:

Live Roulette

If you want to take your roulette gaming to the next level, its live dealer version is perfect. Unlike the regular roulette game, live casino roulette features professional dealers who spin an actual roulette wheel in real time, adding authenticity to your online casino experience. 

Bhaggo Casino offers various versions of live roulette games to cater to all players. This includes European roulette (37 pockets on the wheel), American roulette (38 pockets on the wheel), French roulette and more. We ensure you can find roulette games that suit your playing style, budget, and preferences.

Live Baccarat 

Explore the timeless card table game in a realistic and interactive setting in our live dealer baccarat games. You won't be playing against a computer here. Instead, live baccarat features professional dealers conducting the game and distributing the cards like in a brick-and-mortar casino.

The faster action of live baccarat games sets them apart from their virtual counterpart. Most rounds are quicker, keeping you engaged throughout the game. Moreover, some live games offer side bets, giving you additional winning chances. 

Live Dice

Experience a unique blend of excitement, simplicity and social interaction through live dice games. It offers an immersive and engaging experience, bringing the energy of a local casino to your screen. Moreover, the game features a live dealer or presenter who rolls the dice and interacts with players.

Like other live dealer games, you can chat with the dealer and other players in real-time. This interaction enhances your overall experience and makes you feel part of a real casino table. At Bhaggo, you’ll find popular live dice games, including Craps, Sic Bo and Lightning Dice.

Asian table games

Available Asian table games
  • Teen Patti
  • Andar Bahar
  • Number Matka
  • Dragon Tiger
  • Fan Tan
  • Bola Golek
  • Pok Deng
  • Sic Bo.

Have a distinct casino gaming experience with our Asian table games. This selection contains various games from various Asian countries, each with its unique history, rules, and traditions.

These games include Teen Patti, Andar Bahar, Number Matka, Dragon Tiger, Fan Tan, Bola Golek, Pok Deng and Sic Bo. They often have unique features, rules and betting options that separate them from the casino classics.

Know more about some of our Asian table games or Bangladesh online casino games:


Teen Patti

Teen Patti, also known as ‘Indian Poker’ or ‘Flush,’ is a popular card game from the Indian subcontinent. It has gained popularity in online casinos, mainly among players from India and neighbouring countries. Teen Patti is a simplified version of traditional poker and shares similarities with three-card poker.

Andar Bahar

Andar Bahar is a popular Indian card game called ‘Katti’ or ‘Mangatha.’ It is a simple yet engaging game of chance that is easy to learn and play. Here, you must place bets on whether the next card dealt will land in the ‘Andar’ (inside) or ‘Bahar’ (outside) position to the reference card.

Sic Bo

Sic Bo is a popular dice game that originated in China and has become a staple in many online casinos worldwide. Sic Bo uses three dice, where you place bets on various possible outcomes based on the combination of numbers that will appear on the dice.

Dragon Tiger

Dragon Tiger is a card game in online casinos, particularly in Asian markets. In this game, you bet on whether the Dragon hand or the Tiger hand will have a higher value or if the round will result in a tie. It has the same mechanics as the baccarat game.

Casino games software providers at Bhaggo

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When you play at Bhaggo, rest assured that all table games on our platform boast interactive gameplay, unique features and stunning graphics.
All of these are possible as we partner with the leading gaming providers in the industry.
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Check some of our table game providers below:


Evolution specialises in live dealer casino games and is considered one of the top providers in this category. It offers a wide range of live dealer games, including blackjack, roulette, baccarat, and game show-style games.

Play'n GO

Play'n GO is a popular gaming provider known for its diverse portfolio of slot games with high-quality graphics and innovative features. It also offers a selection of table games and video poker.

Pragmatic Play

Pragmatic Play is a well-known provider of online casino games, offering various slots, table games, bingo, and live casino games. They are known for their mobile-friendly games and engaging gameplay features.


Ezugi is a leading provider of live dealer casino games, offering live table games such as blackjack, roulette, baccarat, and poker. It also creates Asian table games, like Andar Bahar and Teen Patti.


Bhaggo.app casino games online

Download our mobile app and check out some popular table games you can enjoy:


European Blackjack

  • Provider: Play’n GO
  • RTP: 99.37%
  • Min. bet: 120 BDT
  • Max. bet: 12,000 BDT
  • Jackpot: 1:1

Mini Baccarat

  • Provider: Play’n GO
  • RTP: Depends on your bet
  • Min. bet: 120 BDT
  • Max. bet: 12,000 BDT
  • Jackpot: 1:1

European Roulette

  • Provider: King Maker
  • RTP: Depends on your room
  • Min. bet: 30 BDT
  • Max. bet: 600 BDT
  • Jackpot: 29:1

Teen Patti

  • Provider: King Maker
  • RTP: Depends on your room
  • Min. bet: 100 BDT
  • Max. bet: 200,000 BDT
  • Jackpot: 95:1

Bhaggo casino games promotions and bonuses

Bhaggo is also packed with enticing rewards and bonuses you can use to boost your winnings. Check them out here:

Bonuses and promotions
  • Welcome bonus
  • Tournaments
  • Affiliate
  • Loyalty club
  • Mega referral
  • 10% casino reload bonus
  • Happy hour bonus
  • Bhaggo spins
  • Weekly slot rebates


Welcome Bonus


Sign up at Bhaggo and receive a welcome bonus of 100% with a maximum reward of ৳20,000! Register today, as this bonus can only be claimed once.  

Mega Referral Program


Invite your friends to join Bhaggo to receive an astounding bonus of up to ৳10,000 cash through our Mega Referral programme. 

  • You'll only get a bonus if your referral deposits at least ৳10,000 and bets at least ৳50,000. 
  • Each referral who qualifies earns you ৳500, with a maximum of ৳10,000 for 20 successful referrals.

That means the more friends you invite who play actively, the more bonus money you can earn! Just remember that they need to spend a certain amount for you to qualify.


Casino loyalty rewards


Stay engaged and loyal to Bhaggo to unlock incredible rewards through our loyalty program, the Coin Rewards system. The reward you can get here depends on your lifetime deposit amount. 

For instance, reaching the copper level is achievable with a deposit of at least ৳10,000, which entitles you to a ৳100 reward. For our esteemed, existing members who have deposited ৳10,000,000, the diamond level with a generous reward of ৳10,000 awaits.

Check the table below to see the ranks and the cash prizes you can get per level in Bhaggo loyalty bonus:
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LevelMinimum Lifetime Deposit AmountReward


VIP Tier


Joining the Bhaggo VIP casino membership brings numerous benefits. By meeting specific criteria, showing loyalty and activity, and being a high-stakes player on our platform, you'll receive an exclusive invitation to become a VIP member.

Once you attain VIP status, you can access a range of perks and exclusive bonuses, including cash prizes. Depending on your level, rewards can range from ৳5 up to ৳40,000.

Check the table below to see the cash rewards per tier:

Level 1Free ৳5
Level 2Free ৳100
Level 3Free ৳300
Level 4Free ৳750
Level 5Free ৳1,500
Level 6Free ৳3,000
Level 7Free ৳5,000
Level 8Free ৳10,000
Level 9Free ৳20,000
Level 10Free ৳40,000

Online casino games winning strategy

Winning in table games at Bhaggo Casino ultimately depends on your luck, skill, and strategy. While there is no guaranteed method to win consistently, there are some tips and strategies that you can follow to improve your winning chances:

Master the rules

Before playing any table game, take the time to understand the rules, betting options, and payouts. Familiarise yourself with the game's mechanics, odds, and any special features or rules that may apply.

Practice via demo games

Our online casino games feature free or demo versions, allowing you to practice and familiarise yourself with the gameplay without risking real money. Take advantage of these opportunities to hone your skills and develop strategies.

Choose games with favourable odds

Some table games have better odds for players than others. For example, blackjack and certain video poker versions have a lower house edge than other games like roulette or slot machines. Consider playing games with higher RTP (Return to Player) percentages for better long-term outcomes.

Learn and use basic strategy

For games like blackjack and video poker, there are optimal strategies that can mathematically improve your chances of winning. Study and practice these basic strategies to make informed decisions during gameplay.

Take advantage of bonuses and promotions

We offer bonuses, promotions, and loyalty programs that can provide additional value and opportunities to win. Take advantage of these offers, but read and understand the terms and conditions before claiming them.

Manage your bankroll

Set a budget for your gaming sessions and stick to it. Avoid chasing losses or betting more than you can afford to lose. Effective bankroll management is essential for long-term success in casino games.

Know when to stop

Set win and loss limits for your gaming sessions and adhere to them. If you reach your predetermined win limit or lose a certain amount of money, consider ending your session to avoid chasing losses or making impulsive decisions.

Play responsibly

Gambling should be enjoyable and entertaining, but playing responsibly and knowing when to take breaks is crucial. Avoid gambling under the influence of alcohol or when feeling stressed or emotional.


Join Bhaggo today and experience the thrill of online gambling

Start your online gaming experience with our Bhaggo app, where you can play various casino games from the top gaming providers in the industry. You can also get rewarding bonuses and promotions to boost your winnings. 

Follow the steps below to get started on your gaming journey at Bhaggo:

  1. Create an account


Register an account to join Bhaggo. Here, creating a gaming account is smooth and easy. You only need to enter your preferred username and password. You can also provide your mobile number and referral code, which is optional.

  1. Download the Bhaggo app


Once you have created an account at Bhaggo, it’s time to download our app. You can find the download button by opening the side panel. Click it to start downloading the app, which will only take a few minutes to enjoy the games at your fingertips.

  1. Deposit gaming funds


Depositing funds to Bhaggo is easy, especially on the app. You'll immediately see the deposit button when you launch the Bhaggo app on your device. Click it to go to the deposit page, where you must enter details such as payment method, deposit amount and channel. Then, wait for the funds to reflect on your gaming account. 

  1. Explore Bhaggo app table games

Once you’re done, you can enjoy hundreds of table games at the Bhaggo app. You can find them by opening the side panel and scrolling down. Choose table games from the leading providers, such as Play’n GO and KingMaker. If you want an engaging and immersive experience, go for our live casino table games from award-winning providers like Evolution, Ezugi and more. 

  1. Withdraw winnings

Don’t forget to withdraw your winnings after playing. Withdrawing using our app is easy. You just need to follow the same steps as depositing funds. Pick your withdrawal method, amount and account. Take note of the withdrawal limit of ৳800; you must verify your mobile number before withdrawing any winnings.

Enjoy the experience of table games at Bhaggo Casino

Immerse yourself in the thrill of table games and discover a world of strategic challenges and potential wins at Bhaggo. Our table games offer an exciting gaming experience for players of all levels.

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With a diverse selection of games, including classics like blackjack, roulette, and baccarat, and innovative variations like Dragon Tiger and Sic Bo, there's something for every preference.
Experience it for yourself! Register and download the Bhaggo app today!
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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Table games are casino classics like Blackjack, Roulette, Poker, and Baccarat.
Games like Teen Patti, Andar Bahar and Dragon Tiger, originating from different Asian regions, offer unique rules and gameplay.

Table games like blackjack and video poker have basic strategies that you can use to make the best move. It dictates the optimal decision (hit, stand, double down, split) for any combination of your cards and the dealer's up card.
Yes, you can play table games for free at the Bhaggo app. You can find online casino games with demo versions, where you don’t have to place real money wagers.