Enjoy a thrilling game show experience in Crazy Time Live Casino


Evolution's Crazy Time is a live dealer game modelled around a familiar and well-loved game show format. This dynamic and immersive Crazy Time casino live gameplay is unlike any other, with many features, including a multicoloured wheel of fate and up to four distinct bonus games. In addition to this, the game has a charming dealer, a great set and seamless live-streaming production!

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Get ready for an incredible live game show experience.
Find out about the game, how to play it and get rewards when you win!
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What is Crazy Time Live


Crazy Time Live is a captivating live show game crafted by Evolution and is played on a massive wheel. 

This game is played on a wheel with 52 parts. These parts can contain numbers 1, 2, 5, 10, bonus rounds, and a myriad of bets and bonus rounds. It also has exhilarating features like coin flips and pachinko, ensuring an engaging and dynamic experience for all participants.

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Despite its complexity, the game is fairly simple.
All you have to do is spin the wheel, observe the unfolding excitement, and anticipate the chance to claim enticing prizes.
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Unlike other live dealer games, this game's Return to Players (RTP) ranges between 94.41% and 96.08%. 

Furthermore, each part of the wheel comes with its odds. Let’s look at the odds, wheel segments and RTP associated with the bets on the wheel. Read below for a detailed list.

Bet NumberNumber of Wheel SegmentsOddsRTP
Cash Hunt2N/A95.27%
Coin Flip4N/A95.70%
Crazy Time1N/A94.41%

In addition to the actual gameplay, the game also provides Crazy Time live stats containing various information. This includes Crazy Time live score multipliers in effect, how many times it has landed, and how long a bonus round has been activated. With this tool, you can determine which segment of the wheel to wager on.


Crazy Time Bonus Rounds

Apart from the wagers in the game, you will encounter extra rounds, such as Coin flips, cash hunts, pachinko and Crazy Time. Learn more about each in this section.

Coin Flip

Among all the bonus games, the Coin Flip has the most straightforward Crazy Time game rules. When the wheel of fate in the main game triggers this feature, you will be sent to a different studio area with a sizable wishing well and a dealer who facilitates the feature. Next, a coin with a blue side and a red side will be presented.

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Select whether the coin will fall on its red or blue side by consulting the multiplier bonus, if any.
If you make the right choice, you will receive a multiplier bonus and your money back. That means more money to wager!
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Cash Hunt

When the wheel of fate falls on the Cash Hunt bonus, you will be sent to a different area of the studio in what seems to be target practice. There, you will see a board with about 180 multiplier bonuses. These are moving, concealed targets that will be shuffled. 

After the shuffle is over, just select your favourite target. After it is shot, the multiplier bonus will become visible and be added to your winnings. Remember that every participant can select their target, meaning every result is distinct and varied. 


The Pachinko bonus game explores the well-known Japanese game, but instead of a little machine, you'll encounter a massive wall filled with silver pegs.

A puck will be dropped from the top of the enormous wall and land on any of the multiplier bonuses below. The multiplier bonuses on the wall will all double their values, so watch for the 'Double' pocket. 

Crazy Time

The Crazy Time live game bonus features a larger, more ornate wheel with yellow, green, and blue flappers. All you have to do is select one of the three, and you will receive the multiplier bonus to increase your wins when the flapper lands there.

The wheel's 'Double' or 'Triple' options can restart the bonus game. If the wheel is spinning, you will have several opportunities to win large!


How to Play Crazy Time Live Casino

It is vital to comprehend the game's rules and how to play Crazy Time live casino. Thankfully, learning the game isn't too difficult. Read a sample walkthrough on how to play the game Crazy Time:

Open the game and browse the available bets

The first stage is to determine the stake amount. Consider your budget and decide how much to spend on each gaming session.

Choose any of the segments to bet on before the timer ends

As previously mentioned, you can bet on various wheel portions. You can bet on more than one part based on how much risk you are willing to take. Consider placing a wager on a bonus section to gain more rewards and payments and improve your chances of winning.

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During the game's betting phase, note the timer and place your bet before the betting window ends.
By doing this, you can place your bet in time and formally join the game.
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Relax and watch the game

When the bets are locked in, the game’s host starts spinning the wheel. This large wheel rotates around the Top slot reel, which has the game's various multipliers on it.

Play to your heart’s content

You can then play if the wheel falls on a bonus game that you wagered on. Until a bonus game is played and enabled, the procedure will go again if your wagers did not land during the current round.


Other features to love about the game

Aside from the additional game options, there’s lots to enjoy and appreciate from the game. This includes the streaming capabilities, game accessibility and skilled game hosts. We tackle all that and more below:

Seamless streaming technology

The Crazy Time casino game features a classy studio with cutting-edge streaming equipment. Real-time action is broadcasted to your smartphone using high-definition cameras that record every second of gaming.

Without high-definition cameras and monitors, the player's live stream would be unclear, which is why they are essential to the success of live streaming.

These cameras serve as the player's entry point into the game during the live session. To provide participants full access to the gameplay, they are arranged strategically to cover numerous points of view.

Game accessibility

These games have been designed for use on mobile devices to provide the best possible mobile gaming experience. Through an intuitive mobile-optimised interface, you can place bets, communicate with dealers, and engage in an engaging game.

Furthermore, thanks to robust encryption and authentication protocols that safeguard sensitive personal and financial information, mobile devices offer a safe and secure environment for online gaming.

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Game hosts oversee more than just gameplay mechanics, such as dealing cards and wheel rotation.
In my case, I frequently go out to travel, so having my tablet around makes it possible for me to wager online without hassle.
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Charming game hosts

Live dealers, or in this case, game hosts, bring the game to life by keeping the flow of the game going and interacting with players. These people are talented experts who operate the games in real-time in front of the camera and ensure you know what’s happening at all times.

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Game hosts oversee more than just gameplay mechanics, such as dealing cards and wheel rotation.
In other games, they also go out of their way to talk to gamers, recognise big wins, and keep the games light-hearted and fun.
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High-quality set

A great thing about live casinos is that most have lavish settings that resemble real casinos, enabling players to have an authentic and immersive gaming experience. These platforms include opulent arrangements with expertly designed tables and environments reminiscent of upscale casinos.

Live casino online Crazy Time’s set design is incredibly captivating. Its vivid colours, roomy layout, and quirky furnishings perfectly capture the vibrance of a game show environment.

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Every backdrop decoration, such as the tables and stage, is gorgeous and well-placed, enhancing the fun atmosphere of the game.
They also consistently fit the game's general concept, significantly heightening the feeling of immersion.
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Tips and Tricks in Playing Live Crazy Time at Bhaggo

Playing and betting on the Crazy Time game is fun, but the experience can be elevated with some helpful tips and tricks. Read up on our top Crazy Time winning tactics below:

Understand the odds and payouts of Crazy Time

Spend some time learning about the various betting possibilities and the odds and payouts that go along with them. 

In Crazy Time, every wager has a different risk and possible payout. If you know the odds, you may confidently choose where to place your bets. To balance risk and possible reward, consider spreading your bets.

Take advantage of bonuses and promotions


Never forget to take advantage of a casino's active bonuses and promotions. To find out if any of these benefits apply to you or the live games you want to play, you should regularly check a casino's bonus and promotion page. Review the information and join once you've found a promotion that fits your needs and objectives.

Proper bankroll management

Keeping track of and managing your earnings and losses can help you exercise financial restraint regarding gaming expenses. This method aims to increase your awareness of your spending patterns and the costs involved in placing bets.

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Keeping track of your bets, wins, and losses on every round may seem challenging.
Regardless of how basic or complex your gambling habit is, your bankroll strategy should allow you to monitor it and assess its sustainability.
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Optimise your bet selection

You can select from various betting possibilities when playing Crazy Time. There are several possible rewards and chances associated with each of these. To maximise your chances of winning, you must carefully diversify your bets. 

Ensure that you maintain a balance between high-risk and low-risk wagers, such as bonus rounds or numbers. Try varying your bet combinations until you discover the right balance for your level of risk tolerance.

Why pick Bhaggo as your live dealer gambling casino

Bhaggo is among the top casino platforms in Bangladesh. As such, we guarantee your safety on every wager you make. Here are some reasons we’re your best bet for Live Casino games.

Secure transactions

At Bhaggo, your safety is our first concern. We've teamed up with reputable payment processors so you can confidently wager and enjoy safe transactions.

Wide variety of live dealer games

On the site, you’ll discover a variety of the finest live dealer and game show offerings from leading providers in the business. Whatever your style of play, we have the perfect live dealer games for you.

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The support team at Bhaggo will immediately take care of your issues!
This is done so you can enjoy a high-quality gaming experience and a worry-free time.
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How to start playing Crazy Time at Bhaggo

Now that you know all about Crazy Time, you must learn how to play this fun game at Bhaggo. Discover how you can create an account and play the game below:

Make an account on Bhaggo


To play Crazy Time, you must first register for an account on the Bhaggo platform. The first step is to click the sign-up button. After that, you'll be sent to the sign-up page, where you must enter details like your phone number, email address, and password.

Before verifying the registration of your account, go over all the terms and conditions on the website.

Add funds to your Bhaggo account


Next, add funds to your Bhaggo account through the deposit process. On the platform, select from the following four deposit options: UPay Bangladesh, bKash, Dutch Bangla Bank—Rocket, and Nagad.

Once you've chosen, add the deposit amount to your account. The only thing left is to send the money and wait for it to appear in your account.

Withdraw your earnings!


You can easily cash in and cash out your profits at Bhaggo whenever you'd like. Click the withdrawal button and wait for the page to initiate the withdrawal procedure. 

Next, you can choose your preferred withdrawal method from bKash or Nagad. Provide your phone number to complete the transaction, and wait for the money to appear in your account.


Enjoy Live Casino games like Crazy Time at Bhaggo!

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Bhaggo is home to plenty of live casino games. Live dealer games like roulette, blackjack, and baccarat are available, in addition to local favourites like Teen Patti and Andar Bahar.
You can play Crazy Time at Bhaggo! You can start after you create an account, deposit money and find your game of choice.
All live casino games at Bhaggo are fair as they use algorithms that ensure each game is tamper-free. There’s also a Random Number Generator (RNG) that ensures each game you play gives you a fair chance of winning.
Yes, you can! Many providers nowadays want to ensure you enjoy the games they make anywhere. As such, games are made available on mobile devices like phones and tablets and computers and laptops.